Are you a “Grazer” or “Gorger”?

Mom – I am hungry” is my favorite childhood memory because it always followed by some home cooked or delicious healthy snack. As a child, I remember I was constantly hungry because of my growing body needs and I would only eat a little at each meal. I still eat a small meal every 2-3 hours.

I did not realize that I was a “grazer” until recently I read about it in my Health Coach course by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  Dr. Sears recommends this approach of eating rather than “gorging”, which is eating 3 big meals with long gaps in between.

According to Dr. Sears “Grazers” have:

  • lower blood cholesterol
  • less PPL (high blood levels of artery-clogging fats after eating)
  • less after-meal vasoconstriction (less artery narrowing)
  • more stable blood sugar and blood insulin levels
  • lower levels of stress hormones
  • leaner bodies

Now the challenge comes – with our busy schedule we don’t have time to plan 3 meals, let alone 6-7 throughout the day.  Here are some simple ideas for “grazing”:

  • Handful of nuts of your choice
  • Greek Yogurt
  • A slice of Cheese
  • Fruits like Banana, apples or bowl of blueberries
  • Boiled Egg

If you are planning to try “grazing” – keep in mind that “portion control” is the key.

Remember Dr. Sears Rule of 2s:

  • Eat twice as often.
  • Eat half as much.
  • Chew twice as long.
  • Take twice the time to dine

Have a Blessed Day!!

Here are some additional ideas for the healthy snacks to eat at work:

What is a Health Coach and why you might need one?

Health coaches are at the forefront of today’s health revolution, focusing on preventative care. They provide the nutritional and lifestyle guidance people today need to find its way back to health.

A Health Coach is not a dietitian. A dietitian recommends a specific diet for your specific condition. A health coach, on the other hand, help clients make positive and lasting changes to their health by guiding them to create a vision for their health and develop healthy habits. A health coach is “client” focused. They motivate them to accomplish their goals and challenge them to make right choices.

According to Dr. Sears, A Certified Health Coach helps others achieve their health and wellness goals by providing science-based, trusted information, positive encouragement, and continued motivation.

This article from Huffington Post explains how health coaching might be the answer to the modern world diseases.

Please let us know if you are ready to take control of your health – Come work with us!!